PADI Advanced Adventure Course is a wonderful opportunity to see scuba diving from another angle. So far, Open Water has taught you to dive up to 18m independently. Now with Advanced or Adventure, you will increase your skills and knowledge by conducting dives themes, such as:

Night dive
Deep dive
Wreck Dive
Drift Dive
Navigation Dive
Multilevel Dive
Peak Performance buoyancy, ...

An Advanced course student must complete 5 dives themes (feasible in 2 days) while an Adventure must complete 3 dives (feasible in one day )
The " Deep " themes and "Navigation" are required for the Advanced course

An Advanced PADI qualifies you to dive to 30m independently. This is the same for Adventure if the theme "deep dive" has been achieved.

Night Dive Adventure
Night Dive Adventure
  • A fun and diverse level
  • Benefits of Advanced and Adventure Diver
  • Who can pass Advanced and Adventure Diver?
  • What is the structure of the Advanced and Adventure Diver ?
  • What are the educational tools provided with the course?
  • I have already completed qualifications with another diving organization, how can I get the Advanced and Adventure Diver qualification?
  • Options for the theory: PADI eLearning
  • Rates and benefits
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