Things to do in Guadeloupe FWI near the dive center (activities, restaurants, housing)

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There are plenty of things to do and places to see near the club. Here are our favourites:


Plage de Malendure
Plage Malendure is the nearest beach to the club and is known for its volcanic black sand. Here you will find plenty of restaurants and bars where you can relax by the sea. For the more adventurous, grab your mask and tuba and explore the waters, where you will find turtles nibbling on the vegetation.

Canopee Guadeloupe Canyoning
The staff of Canopee (on Plage Malendure) will take you on an adventure through the Ravine Bourceau. Here you will see all types of flora and vegetation and get the chance to abseil from large heights - with the knowledge that you are safely secured by your harness!

Gwada Pagaie
Just down the road from the club on Plage Malendure, Gwada Pagaie is a great place to hire canoes and kayaks and paddle out to the Pigeon Islands.

Parc des Mamelles, le Zoo de Guadeloupe
This zoo is a 10 minute drive from the club and offers the opportunity to see a wide variety of animals, such as jaguars, monkeys and iguanas.

Les Bains de Thomas
This is a natural hot source in the sea where the water temperature is around 70 degrees.

Le Nautilus
This spacious glass bottomed boat, which leaves from Plage Malendure, allows you to get another perspective of the beautiful reef and magnificent fauna and fish below. On the trip to the nearby Pigeon Islands you will have the opportunity to do some snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Reserve Cousteau.

Cascade le Saut de L'Acomat
This stunning waterfall is about a 10-15 minute drive from the club in the direction of Pointe Noire.

Col Des Mamelles
This trail starts on Route de la Traversee and climbs up into the luscious forest. Trainers are a must as the terrain is fairly uneven.
Things to do in Guadeloupe FWI
Things to do in Guadeloupe FWI


Plage Malendure
If you’re looking for more of a quick snack than a sit down meal then we advise grabbing a ‘Bokit’ from one of the many food trucks or restaurants on the beach. In particular, we recommend Tony in his orange van!

Carrefour/ Boulangerie
Another quick option is to head to the Carrefour market just down the road from the club and make your own lunch (and enjoy it in good company at the club!). You can also go to the Boulangerie next door to Carrefour which offers a variety of sandwiches, salads and patisseries.

La Touna
Just 5 minutes walk from the club, La Touna is an excellent place to have a delicious meal or simply a drink on the terrace. The restaurant also does meals to go.
Close on Sunday night and Monday. Free WIFI

Le Rocher de Malendure
This restaurant is 5 minutes from the club and not only offers great food but also a gorgeous view of the Reserve Cousteau from its elevated terrace.

OZ Epices
This ‘semi-gastronomic’ restaurant is known for its delicious food and outstanding service. You will find it on the right hand side of the road as you leave the club in the direction of Bouillante, just before the centre of the town.

L'Amer (Deshaies : 40min drive from the dive center)
Fine French and Creole food with a large wine testing
2 live concert a week, free WIFI


Chalets Sous-le-Vent
Since 2006, Véronique & Alex have welcomed guests to their cottages and bungalows facing the Cousteau Marine Park in Guadeloupe.
These bungalows are in a great location to start exploring the "Basse-Terre" region, be it hiking or underwater. With access to a tropical garden and swimming pool, this is the perfect place to stay.

Les Jardins de l'esperance
In a friendly family atmosphere, Victoria and Yves welcome you to their little corner of paradise. Sip a ti'punch by the pool, grill your fresh lobster on the barbecue or just take it easy on the sunbeds.
Nestled among the giant trees of the espérance forest, their bungalows are for 2 to 5 people and give you a close up view of the tropical vegetation of this Caribbean island.

Eden Vanilla (Between Gosier and Sainte Anne on Grande Terr Island)
Housing at Bouillante
Housing at Bouillante

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