Explorations in Guadeloupe for diving enthusiasts who thought they had seen everything!

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Guadeloupe, a small island in the French Antilles ideally located between Martinique and St Martin, is one of the favorite destinations for diving enthusiasts, both French and foreign.
Although some people think they have seen everything, having already dived in Polynesia, Indonesia, Red Sea or who knows where, we can assure you that Guadeloupe offers something to explore all around its shores.

Scuba Diving Guadeloupe
Scuba Diving Guadeloupe

What is meant by exploration?
What is the price for an exploration?
Who can do an exploration dive?
How deep and for whom?

Scuba Diving Cousteau MArine Park
Scuba Diving Cousteau MArine Park
In a similar way in which an individual has its own characteristics, divers are different from each other. Whilst some want to meet creatures that inhabit the oceans, others prefer to progress through technical training and head into specialties, such as Biology diving.
Diving in Guadeloupe has good days ahead of it. Indeed, the island is home to exceptional sites (see Articles: Diving Reserve Cousteau: Discover the Cousteau reserve, fauna and marine flora and where the exceptional are dives Guadeloupe, spots that should never be missed). Making an exploration is above all about taking your time underwater and enjoying the corals, sponges, coral fish, terrain, etc..
If you are an avid diver or even an amateur, do not hesitate to find a club on the island that takes their time on outings and frequently changes the locations of dives. Atlantis Formation takes you not only on a discovery of sites on the Reserve Cousteau, but also to the untouched sites where almost no diver has dipped his palm!

You will find just about everything on the island, but often the cheaper it is, the less time and unfortunately the less safe it is.
At Atlantis Formation, you can enjoy many benefits, such as buying a package and diving independently or in groups
Download below our price list.

Unless you are a first-time diver, or in training, you are considered a diver in exploration. The only thing that changes with your level or experience is access to a greater depth.

SO if you'd like to
Try scuba diving for the first time : Check the Discover Scuba experience
Start a training course for beginners : check the PADI Scuba Diver course or Open Water Course
Continue your adventure as a certified diver : check for Advanced Course, Specialty courses or Rescue course

Cousteau Marine Park Guadeloupe FWI
Cousteau Marine Park Guadeloupe FWI
In Guadeloupe, you have easy access to all depths mentioned in the code of French sport. Maximum 60m
Divers without qualifications are restricted to the area of ​​6m, level 1 to 20m, level 2 to 40m and the others to 60m.
If you have a PADI level, you will be able to go to the respective depth that your qualification allows. The only constraint remains for foreign monitors. Unless you have a "dive leader" level issued by a recognized organization’s code of sport, then supervising divers is banned.

1.Posted by sabine on 01/19/2015 12:20 PM
Dear Atlantis Team,

I am thinking about booking a trip to Goadeloupe and join you for diving. I have a few questions that I'd like to send by email. Is this possible? What is your email address please?


2.Posted by Sierra Quinn Sahulka on 03/29/2016 3:52 PM
Hello there,

I will be coming to do my training dives May 20th, 2016. I do not own any of my own equipment because I am new to SCUBA. Will everything come included in the dive price, or should I purchase/rent anything beforehand or while I'm there?

Thank you!


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