pricelist atlantis
pricelist atlantis
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You may legitimately wonder what happened to the Cousteau reserve after hurricane Maria’s kind visit between 18 and 19 September 2017. Questions on everybody’s lips are “How badly was it torn apart?”, “Anything still worth seeing?” And so forth.Well, here are the answers !

For information : There are now many direct flight from different US cities to come in Guadeloupe FWI....and you know's not that expensive ! Think about that for your next diving vacations.

Maria on the Caribbean
Maria on the Caribbean
The Cousteau reserve is part of the Guadeloupe National Park created 30 years ago or so with a view to protecting the extraordinary floral and animal life of Ilets Pigeon and their vicinity. Fishing and underwater hunting are thus banned (as are boat and yacht anchoring by the way), thereby allowing fish and coral to peacefully develop into the unique biodiversity shrine that owes the Cousteau reserve such appraisal amongst many divers!

The Cousteau Reserve is a perfect place to do a DIscover Scuba Diving, an exploration dive
or starting a PADI diving certification
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